Friday, August 22, 2014

We Need More Time in New York

22 August 2014

We decided we weren't ready to leave New York after only four days - but our airbnb rental wasn't available - so the next best thing is where we found an affordable price (senior rate) at a hotel in the Chelsea area of the city (a little south of midtown).  

Great location, king size bed, and we're in the middle of the flower district so we have views of various florist supply places up and down the street.  Plus the Empire State Building looming outside our window, just a few blocks away!  Sometimes grey and ready for rain, later on golden light in the sunset - it's a great view of a wonderful building.  And finally, a view of the Art Deco embellishments on the top of the building, which are rarely seen unless you're in another building relatively high up - SO New York!

I'm sorry to report that New York doesn't have any interesting manhole covers.  But there are other interesting embellishments - I liked the salmon on the storm drain (made in India).  And the brass bicycle stick figure inlaid in the sidewalk pavement.  I'm not sure why the bicycle was there, but it was just an interesting little ornament on the sidewalk.

We've been meeting up with friends and family that we haven't seen for two years, since our last time through the city, which is wonderful.  Plus finally meeting an internet friend - I know, to some people it sounds odd, but I've found that people who are bright and interesting and funny on the internet are even funnier and more interesting in person - so we've been having a great time in general. 

We also have a few of our usual things to do, as long as it doesn't rain tomorrow.

And since a big part of New York are the myriad restaurants and cuisines available, we found a great French brasserie at the end of our road - it was one of those wonderful places with duck and truffled potatoes for me, and a burger and fries for Richard.   It was great!  Definitely a great place - and judging by the crowd, it's a well-known place and full of locals, not tourists.

So yes, we needed more time in New York.  We're trying to fit in everyone and everything.  There's never enough time, we'll have to skip something.  But we'll have fun trying to fit it all in to our six days in New York.


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