Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Adventures in Shopping, Malaysia Style

8 April 2014

Richard and I went over to the Pavilion Mall for a movie - turned out the movie we wanted ("The Great Budapest Hotel," which is quirky and fun) wasn't until several hours later in the evening.  We bought our tickets, and had a few hours to do something.  Richard chose to go back to our hotel, and I opted to go shopping.  Because, well, I do like to shop and I have definitely cut back on this while travelling.

Parkson's seems to be the big, rather upscale department store.  I started there, and bought my eyelash volumizer.  (It helps those of us with skimpy eyelashes.)  And received a voucher for 10 ringgits off my next purchase.  So I figured I'd check out women's clothing, because a few items of my rather limited wardrobe have gotten stained, or faded, or knits have pilled - you know, the things that happen to clothing when you wear the same things frequently.

I asked a saleswoman in the women's department if they carried clothes by Eileen Fisher - she's one of my favourite designers, and there's a dress that's current this season that I wanted to try.  Saleslady didn't know, and walked me over to meet someone who would know.  She introduced me to a nice young man, who it turns out is the personal shopper for this part of the store.  He didn't know, but sat me down on a plush couch while he did some research - and no, so sorry, they don't carry Eileen Fisher.  We chatted a bit, he wanted to know where we're from, etc etc.  I thanked him, and wandered off.

Found some nice clothes in linen (I love linen), was looking at the slacks, turned around, and there was Mr Personal Shopper again, ready to help me.  The slacks were only in white (which I like but can't seem to keep clean), and I wanted black - so okay, I wandered on.  Found some lovely tops by an Asian designer, Monica Quen, and they had a definite Asian flair.  (I love ethnic clothes.)  

Well, Mr Personal Shopper comes back with very similar slacks in black linen, but a size 12.  Oh, go ahead, try them on, he says - size 12? I say - they are baggy, he replies - so I try them on and lo and behold, these size 12 slacks with just a little elastic at the back of the waist actually slip right up and fit perfectly!!!!  I haven't fit into a size 12 anything for nearly 40 years!  I of course am thrilled, they look great, the price (divided by 3.2 ringgits to the US $) is reasonable - so voila, I have a pair of black paratrooper style slacks to replace my stained grey pair.  (You know, the kind with loose legs that are gathered at the ankle - casual and comfortable and interesting enough to not be boring.)

Then I'm back in the area of those lovely tops - and while most are in a weird green combination, one is red with black trim and pink/red flowers embroidered on the front.  Oh I love embroidery!  Well, I just can't help myself - I ask if this top comes in another size, that XXL seems rather big (especially after fitting into size 12 slacks).  Saleslady says this is Malaysian sizing, I say oh, right, TINY!  Mr Personal Shopper starts laughing, he's rather tall for this country and he probably has the same problem fitting into the clothes that are average here, where it seems as if everyone is about a 0 or 2.  Well, I try on the top and OH NO it is GORGEOUS on me!  Looks as if it was designed just for me - black yoke that forms cap sleeves, red body, wide black band on the bottom, and a rather high-low hemline - and of course, the fabulous peonies embroidered on the front.  Perfect with the cropped slacks I was wearing, beautiful with the longer pair I was going to buy, and wonderful for the black skirts and shorts I have back at the hotel.  How could I NOT?

So of course I bought them.  Standing on line, still accompanied by Mr Personal Shopper, who is interested in our travels, and how old am I (turns out I'm about his mother's age, which of course makes me laugh!), and we have a nice chat while waiting for the cashier.  I use my discount voucher, and it turns out I qualify for another one - so Mr PS takes me over to the counter to get the new voucher.

Then I hear from him later in the day - he and his manager went online, found there aren't any stores carrying Eileen Fisher here in Malaysia, Hong Kong is the closest spot.  He'll look into possibly carrying her line in the future.  We have a nice little email conversation.  And that's my experience with a personal shopper!  (I could enjoy a job where I help people find clothes that suit their shape and colouring - I so enjoy clothes and fashion!)

Today's adventure in shopping - we walked over to the Central Market to look for a special gift for my brother who is helping us with the business-side of travel.  Found exactly what I was looking for, managed to bargain with the salesman, and walked away with exactly what I wanted at the price I was hoping for.  And I'm not going to post photos or say what it is, just in case this brother views our blog.  (I need to keep some things a surprise, right?)

BUT - if you're in KL and need to find a special gift, go to the Central Market and see Dino Fong at the Native Gallery, on the 2nd floor.  Email malaysia_native@hotmail.com.  Just in case you need to buy something special.

And once my brother receives his package, I'll tell you all about our wonderful find.

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