Saturday, April 6, 2013

We Head North to Darwin

7 April 2013 

This is the reason we bought the rail pass, so we could head north to Darwin.  The trip to Perth was just a freebie, a bonus.

So - we head out on Sunday, 7 April, and arrive on Tuesday, 9 April.  We've had a fun and very busy time in Adelaide, the City of Festivals - it's been great!  And the weather has maintained its mostly sunny and warm self, so we're happy.

Tonight the country changes from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time - so we're setting clocks back.  Because April is autumn here.  Fall back, spring forward.  Clocks go back.

Yes, we're confused too.  Partly due to the fact that Adelaide is in a time zone that's half an hour behind the east coast of Australia.  Yes, half an hour.  1/2.  an.  hour.

Anyway, so you won't hear from us until Tuesday.  Nothing much exciting to report, just having fun in  Adelaide.  Even the license plates call South Australia the Festival State.

We'll catch up on Tuesday or Wednesday.  With a long report on Alice Springs, central Australia, and maybe a saltwater croc or two.

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