Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Koala Mint

2 April 2013

I know, koalas eat eucalyptus leaves.  Not mint.

This is a pokie.  Short for poker machine.  Meaning a slot machine, actually - not specifically poker, just a slot machine.

Richard and I occasionally play slot machines.  Cheap, penny slot machines.  Each one has a theme, there are some with free games and special features, and we both have our favorites.

My all time favorite pokie machine is Koala Mint.

Yeah, I know - how silly can you get?

This machine is hysterical!  Hilarious!  It makes me laugh and giggle!  It also pays me fairly regularly.  And it is such a fun machine!

There are kangaroos.  Duck-billed platypuses.  (Platypusi?)  Maybe the soft-furred possum, which is much cuter than the American possum.  

And of course, the star of the pokie game, the koala!

If the koala is in the first column, I win - and he turns his head, blinks, and eats eucalyptus leaves.  Really.

If I get a few koalas in a row, they ALL turn, blink, eat - and of course, I win more pennies.

If there are koalas in the first and last column - wow!  Bells go off, lights flash, the koalas all stand up and start running in place!  Then another little koala comes running into the screen from the left, runs to the middle, jumps up to pull a shade down over the screen - they are too cute!  And then, the free games begin!!!!

The machine spins automatically, there are the normal wins, and the mint part begins - if one of the symbols is a coin, it spins, shows a number, and that multiplies the bet (yeah, all 20 cents of my bet) and I win that number.

There are various other rules, other ways to win - but those cute little koalas just crack me up every time!  They are just too cute and funny!  (Well, and they paid me $45 the first time I played.)

So that's my machine of choice. Koala Mint.

The only way it could get any cuter and funnier would be if it had little blue penguins!

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