Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Katherine, 10% of the Way Across the Continent

17 April 2013

I know, everyone wants to see photos of the camper, both up and down.  We will, just give me a few days.  Life is busy.

We didn't sleep well - adjusting to a new "place" and dealing with new noises, as well as it was just HOT and there was a lot of light shining in.  We'll get used to it - and I'll get some photos.

Today, we drove from Darwin to Katherine - about 300 km, so about .10 (or 10%) of the continent.  Actually, I did much of the driving.  Kind of weird, driving on the left (as we did in the VI) but with the wheel on the right.  We're getting used to it.

The coolest part about driving here is that the speed is in kilometers.  I was driving 120-130 kms per hour.  Seriously!  Doesn't that sound like I was racing along?  In actuality, that's about 72-78 mph.  Fast, but not crazy fast. 

This was on the Stuart Highway.  Straight.  Little traffic.  No animals during the daylight hours, other than some birds of prey, and a few cranes.  Oh, and two noisy white cockatoos flying around the place we had lunch - the Emerald Springs Roadhouse.  That really was the label on the map.

Anyway, we're in Katherine, and tomorrow we're booked on a river cruise through the first three gorges of the Katherine River.  The river has flooded the town a few times in the past years, but the gorges are supposed to be amazing - so we're looking forward to this.

Then we'll meander north and spend time in Kakadu National Park, where we can camp, hike, hang out, see beautiful scenery, avoid deadly animals - you know, the Australia stuff.

We're having fun.  And I promise, photos of the car-top-tent very soon!

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