Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ode To My Shoes

Jan. 3, 2012

I gave up my shoes in Wellington.  These shoes have served me well, but have aged beyond repairs.  The leather is worn and cracked, and rain comes in through those cracks.  The leather is worn to the point of having lost support, and my feet can feel that.  In fact, the soles no longer provide support, and my feet feel that too.

But these shoes, my lovely Rhino Reds, represented my personality more than any other shoes I've ever owned.  They were functional AND decorative.  They were humorous and funny.  They were serious and supportive, and fit from day one.  But they were also sparkly with red rhinestones and a bit of glitter.  And they were all about FUN.  Not taking themselves seriously.  Shoes that were stalwart about filling their function as shoes, but laughed at the concept of shoes at the same time.

So, farewell to my shoes.  I will miss you.  The new Vans are comfortable, but my feet don't look like they belong to myself.  These are someone else's feet.  Because my feet have been defined by Rhino Red Phantasia (or was it Phabulous?) - and nothing else seems to be quite right.


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  2. There is nothing to it then. You must decorate the new shoes to match your personality. Down with boring footwear!

  3. That was my thought too, but I couldn't find plain white shoes that fit well that I liked! (The new sneakers have thin soles and you feel every little pebble!)