Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Wee Bump in the Road

I had a little medical issue, and we decided it was time to deal with it.  So Richard and I went to a nearby doctor's office - they wouldn't be able to see me until the following day, so we got directions to the urgent care center.  A nice man came outside to point the way for us, and said to head to Handover Street.

We weren't sure how far it would be, so we got the car and drove - found Hanover Street, figured that's what he meant, and parked.  I got out to look for the place, and couldn't find it - but I did find the man from the first doctor's office, the one who gave us directions - he said he gave us the wrong street name, so he walked over to show us where the place was.  (New Zealanders are SERIOUSLY NICE people!!!)

So, I signed in, waited, saw the doctor.  He was trained as a women's health specialist, then switched to family practice.  Anyway, he agreed this might be a problem, did some checking, found what he described as a "wee lump."  Called a doctor friend and made arrangements for an ultrasound and mammogram, and printed google directions so we could find the hospital. 

Off we went to the hospital - or rather, the clinic with a radiology center, because the hospital itself is closed for the holidays.  When I expressed surprise that a hospital would close for holidays, the receptionist said, "Well, it's just a wee hospital."

I had the mammogram, just as awful as always - but at least they had cloth gowns, so much better than the paper ones that shred every time you move.  And the results were fine, no problems.  Then we moved on to the ultrasound (which I told them they could do first, but no, that's not the protocol) - and the doctor had me turn this way a wee bit, and moved the table up or down a wee bit - and, of course, found nothing.  Not the wee cyst that the first doctor thought the wee lump might be.  Nope.  Nothing.  Perfectly healthy, except that there is indeed a wee lump.

We'll pick up the reports this afternoon after the group of radiologists does a group review and second opinion of the findings.  The doctor who did the ultrasound said not to worry, probably it's just a clogged duct, pretty normal in a middle-aged woman who skipped the children thing.  And that we may want to see a specialist when we get to our next large city.  She discussed a few ways of dealing with it, but that it isn't major.

So that was our wee bump in the road.  We both were very stressed during the time between the first doctor and the tests, expecting the worst possible diagnosis.  And were very relieved to find out that whatever the wee lump might be, it seems to be perfectly innocuous. 

I'll carry the results to Australia, and we'll look for a specialist in Melbourne.  Plenty of time to deal with things then.

But we did enjoy all the wee-ness of the day.

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