Monday, June 8, 2020

Pandemic Diaries Week #12

2 June 2020

About two evenings ago, we had a couple of rabbits in the backyard playing.  The seemed to know each other, or maybe they were related.  Basic brown rabbits with little white tails.  The came out of different areas of the hedge, and both nibbled on some grass and clover.  As they hopped a little closer to each other, we waited to see what would happen.

One bunny noticed the other one, and hopped over to say hello.  The other rabbit turned around and we had a bunny face off, like two gunslingers in an old western - they just sat and stared at each other for a few minutes, neither one making a move.

Then suddenly, one bunny charged at the other, who leapt straight up in the air, a good foot or more!  The charging bunny sort of ran right under the leaping bunny, who came down and then chased the charging bunny and they ran in circles, hopping, running, a few leaps in there!  They'd rest a minute or two, face off, and then one would charge again and the other would leap up!  It was absolutely adorable, watching these two bunnies playing in the yard, as it got darker and darker outside.  We sat in the kitchen, the four of us watching bunnies at play, entranced by the cuteness.

3 June 2020

I looked out the kitchen window after today's rain, thinking maybe one of my bunny friends might be out.  Instead, there was an orange and black box turtle slowly making her/his way along the fence, heading in the direction of the road.  S and I went out to look at him/her - not a very large turtle, but not a baby, either.  Just ambling along, although she/he stopped when he/she noticed us.

Ms./Mr. Turtle eventually turned around, and it seemed that he/she was looking for a way through the fence to the shady garden in the neighbor's yard.  J came out to see the turtle, and said there's a hole in the fence a few spaces up.  We're hoping she/he finds his way back to the shade, and on to a spot with some water.

Turns out he/she is an Eastern box turtle - looked just like the photo here (not my photo).

5 June 2020

So, we've been looking for an apartment - not much luck finding a furnished apartment that we like and that we can also afford.  Most unfurnished apartments want a year-long lease commitment.  Most furnished apartment owners are used to renting their seasonal property on a weekly basis, which gives them more income but is out of our budget range.

Therefore, after much talk and searching online and more conversation, we compromised on a hotel in Atlantic City, half a block from the boardwalk and the beach.  With a chain hotel group that we often use, so that we'll rack up points to later cash in for free nights.  Sounded great, right?  King bed, small fridge, microwave oven, coffee maker, wifi, TV, all the usual amenities.

And then, J and S mentioned that a curfew has been imposed on the city due to the protests and subsequent violence and looting.  (And I'm sure the violence was on the part of both sides.  But still.)

ACK!  Now I'm thinking maybe we were too hasty in booking this - well, not hasty, but possibly only thinking through from our point of view and obviously not the bigger picture.  Oh well, we had 3 weeks of curfew in Lima, what's another curfew?  At least we speak the language in NJ.

But it will be nice to have our own space, however large or small it might be.  Plus a whole beach to walk (wearing a mask if others are around).

Does anyone else feel like we're all going to have odd tan lines this summer? 

6 June 2020

Well, after some research as well as reading the fine print (paying extra for parking), we decided to forego the hotel in Atlantic City.  S & J both thought it wasn't in a great part of the city, the reviews weren't so great, there aren't many places to eat nearby, plus with the casinos closed there isn't much happening in the city.  And on top of all that there's the curfew.

Our new plan is to do short trips, maybe 2 or 3 days at a time, a couple of times each month.  We won't need to schlep all of our stuff, but we can drive an hour or so away and explore some of the small coastal towns and beaches in this region.  We can even go down to Delaware if we want - the ferry leaves from Cape May.

I already had a few articles about the beaches of southern New Jersey, as well as the historic carousels of the various beach boardwalks.  I could absolutely see planning a few trips to visit carousels if they were guaranteed to be open.  Maybe not this year, but there are other sites and sights to visit.

So, we have a vague plan.  

8 June 2020

Normally I have too many photos, but not this week.  I'm still editing photos from a special project, which will be a separate blog post.  So, enjoy our friendly Eastern box turtle, and I'll overwhelm you with photos soon in another post!

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