Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wifi Issues in the Post Hurricane Life

16 May 2018

We're in St Thomas, USVI, this month.  We read an article in the New York Times about the ongoing recovery efforts, and there was a call for volunteers.  So we contacted the person at Tourism, and had some communication back and forth.  

But we don't fit the usual one-day or one-week tourists, we aren't ready to blaze trails in the national parks, and we don't really have the skills to hook up electrical or plumbing things.

So we never were connected to a place to volunteer.

However, we're sort of making our own volunteering - everything was impacted by the two major hurricanes, but while rebuilding everything, life continues and work continues.  So I've been helping a bit with committees at my former school, or my after school art program.  We have friends who need help repainting their rebuilt homes.  Things like that.

Mostly, I guess we're helping the island economy!

Our hotel has some rooms that are in good shape, such as the one we're in.  Other rooms are missing roofs or walls - such as the room next to us.  Definitely crazy to look in a window and see the wide open spaces beyond the floor!

And wifi is our major issue - no wifi at the hotel, so half our day seems to be spent finding/using wifi in various cafés and restaurants.

Plus, of course, meeting up with friends and listening to their scary hurricane stories.

We ran into a retired geology professor we know.  He said that Hurricane Irma had as much energy force as ALL the hurricanes in a normal season.  THAT is how powerful that storm was, and why the damage across the Caribbean is so severe.

Sobering image.

I'll get some photos and post a normal blog when I can.

Just wanted to keep people updated.

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