Friday, April 27, 2018

My Almost Famous Batik Shop

27 April 2018

We'll be leaving Malaysia next week, before our visa expires.  Our first time here, we didn't really pay attention to exactly when 90 days would be after our arrival.  Nor did we realize that the 90 day visa begins with the day of arrival, Day 1.  So we accidentally overstayed by two days.  The people at the airport were quite nice about it, but it did make the two of us a bit anxious until the situation was resolved.  Now, we always try to leave a day or two before we think the visa expires.

This means we're finishing up our time in Malaysia, and trying to fit in everything we wanted to do but haven't done yet.  Richard had his final physio session, mostly due to the fact that his therapist is taking a short vacation.  And of course, I'm finishing up my batiks.

My friendly batik shop ladies asked if I would pose with them for a photo, along with some of my batiks.  Sure, not a problem.  In return, they posed for me so I'll have a photo of them, in the very colorful shop.

The shorter woman is the owner of the shop, Ainna.  Her husband, Nabil, is the guy who does most of the drawing and creating the artwork, and he's the person who drew my lion dancers and Lucky Cats.  (He wasn't around on photo day.)

BUT!  Yesterday they showed me that the shop was featured in The Star, one of the English language newspapers in the country!  Plus Ainna gave me their card so I could go to their Facebook page - where I copied the article from the paper!  I'll attach the article at the end.  Here's a link to their Facebook page:

Anyway, more batiks - turtle, seahorse, and lots of flowers!  The orchids are great fun to paint, because the colors really do bleed together so nicely.  And I have so much fun spending a few hours down there.

We'll spend our next week doing exciting things like laundry, downsizing our stuff, repacking, and printing all the travel documents.  Plus I'll let people know our next destination.

And maybe post another blog or two. 

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