Monday, June 6, 2016

Farewell Panajachel

6 June 2016

We've enjoyed our week in Panajachel, it really is a beautiful part of Guatemala.  The flowers are incredible, the lake is lovely, the scenery is dramatic.  Plus the people are friendly, and the handicrafts are amazing.

And yes, I succumbed to several purchases, though most are gifts for family and friends.  No photos, I don't want to ruin the surprise.

We found that our hotel has two hot water pools, fed by geo-thermal springs.  Not sure if these are natural hot springs, or if the water is heated by volcanic magma somehow, or what.  (The bathroom has a sign to not drink the water because it comes from naturally heated water.  So who knows what that really means.)

Anyway, we spent a few romantic afternoons lazing in the hot pool while the rain fell on the thatched roof, and the thunder rumbled in the distance.  

We also spent time with our friend who now lives here.  It has been the year for meeting up with friends, and it always seems a bit odd to be in a new location with an old friend from somewhere else.  As if there has been a time warp, a wrinkle in the universe, a pleat in the world, bringing two disparate parts of our lives together suddenly.  I don't know how else to describe it.  It's been great, it just feels vaguely unsettling at times.  Sort of a feeling of "I know we're here, but you used to be THERE" or something.

But it certainly has been fun to know someone here, catch up on our lives, share stories, and meet her friends here - an interesting community of people.

We head back to Antigua tomorrow, for another week in the old capital.  More adventures planned after that, but we'll talk about that when it gets closer.

Enjoy the view of the volcanoes wreathed in clouds - rainy season in the Guatemalan highlands!


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