Sunday, November 1, 2015

Another Fashion Article

1 November 2015

I'm trying to put together another blog as we travel up the coast of Ecuador - but these are small towns, and wifi can be iffy.  Yesterday, our hotel didn't have wifi, the provider was having problems.

So I'm catching up on over 100 emails, sorting photos, trying to upload photos with on and off wifi in another town - you get the idea.

Anyway, another article was published at Travel Fashion Girl, this one focusing on inexpensive places to shop for plus-size clothing.  (I think it's insane when size 12 qualifies as "plus," or when designers mark size 10 as XL and don't produce anything beyond that size.  Well, and some of us, like me, fall into that no-woman's-land that's between "normal" and "plus" - "normal" is too small, "plus" is too big.  Except for a few designers......)

So here's the article, and I hope it helps a few travel shoppers put together their wonderful fashionable wardrobe for their next travel adventure! 

And this is the dress I included in the article:

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