Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Diamond Eye Cats

6 May 2015

 5 May was Coronation Day, the anniversary of when the current king of Thailand was crowned king.  He became king in 1946, and has remained king despite a number of coups that have overthrown the elected governments.

The king is very popular with the Thai people, so his coronation is celebrated every year.  Despite the fact that he is 89 years old and has been residing in a hospital for the past six months or year or so, he came out to be driven around the city for Coronation Day, and attended a variety of events.

Instead of the usual pictures of the king displayed around the city, however, his daughter is featured prominantly this week.  We aren't sure why.  But Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn is, well, everywhere.  We've asked several people about this, but have received wrong answers (such as the king was leaving the throne and handing the position over to his eldest son), or no explanation.  Our favorite, though, was the taxi driver who said the pictures were of "the baby queen."  We're unsure if this is the direct translation from the Thai, or if he didn't know the English word for princess, or what.  But we like this phrase, "the baby queen."

We found a new giant cat, at the Siam Square shopping complex.  An absolutely wonderful giant cat, who is over one storey tall, at least 15 feet or so (5 meters) - tall!!!!  Gorgeous!  She's pure white, with blue eyes and long eyelashes, and covered in colorful flowers made from a variety of materials, most bedazzled with plastic faceted "gemstones."  Absolutely the Queen Cat of Kitsch!  LOVED it!

The cat, one paw raised in the lucky cat or fortune cat gesture, is known as the Diamond Eye Cat, or Khao Manee in Thai.  In Thailand, white cats with blue eyes, gold eyes, or one blue eye and one green eye are known as diamond eye cats, Khao Manee.  They are considered an ancient and unique breed of cats here, and were mentioned in the "Cat Book Poems."  While they've always been a separate breed of cat in Thailand, they were only accepted as a "new" breed in the West in 2010.

And of course I had to pose with this giant cat, who enveloped me with her floral furriness and happy cat aura.

I also enjoyed the pink traffic cones, which coordinated so nicely with Ms. Diamond Eye Cat.

I think I may have to compile a book of wonderful giant cats around the world!

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