Saturday, April 4, 2015

Koi Washing

4 April 2015

 We made it to Bangkok safe and sound, and found our hotel.  Turns out this place is part residences, and part hotel.  Or an aparthotel.  All suites, at any rate.  With a pretty garden surrounding the place, a pool, nice grounds to walk around, a koi pond.  

It isn't the sort of place we usually book - our regular hotel for Bangkok was booked solid for this weekend, it's a holiday here in Thailand.  So we opted for a different place.  We're not quite comfortable here because it feels like a resort, rather than an urban hotel.  But, well, I have to admit that I really enjoyed having two separate rooms - it's been a long time since we had two separate rooms.  When I could sleep late, undisturbed, and Richard could get up early and enjoy some TV time.  A simple thing that we often forget exists, living in hotels and BnBs and hostels and the occasional camper.  Two separate rooms.  With a door inbetween.  Such luxury!

Anyway, we're taking care of the usual paperwork that tends to pile up, and getting ready for Myanmar.  Not sure what to expect, but we're making sure we have enough toiletries and things like that, plus rearranging our luggage.  Since we'll only be there for four weeks, we'll take one small bag each and leave the rolling luggage in Bangkok, to be picked up when we return.

The most important thing happened yesterday.  Our hotel has humongous koi in the koi pond.  Truly giant goldfish, ranging between one to two feet long, maybe even larger.  (That's 30-66 cm for my metric friends.)

So Richard went out on the balcony, and looked down.  We're on the 17th floor, so down is far away - but we could see the koi pond.  Where the staff had turned off the fountain.  They had taken a few koi out of the pond and were scrubbing the fish individually.  Really, scrubbing the fish like large dishes!  Giving each koi a good scrubby dubby washing, rinsing them off, and returning them to the pond!!!!  It was so funny!  

I asked this morning, and yes, the fish are washed once a week.  It keeps them healthy, apparently.  And I guess it keeps them living long healthy lives, because given the size of these koi, they're fairly old.

I know, I should have rushed downstairs to get some close up photos - how often do you see koi being washed?  Docile koi, who seemed to be enjoying their weekly fish spa visit.

I love the little oddities and absurdities we encounter!

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