Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I May Have Found My Second Career

4 February 2015

 We went to see my doctor again this morning, and it sounds as if my lungs are clearing up.  Today is the first day without IV meds in a week, so I'm thrilled!  Plus I was approved for an hour or so out each day, finally.  Bed rest gets really boring after, oh, the first day.  

So we headed out for a little walk before lunch, as well as looking for a new place to try.  As we were looking around and pausing to cross the street (no street lights and uncertain traffic regulations), one of the fruit selling ladies came up and put her fruit yoke on my shoulder, and her hat on my head.  Richard cracked up and took a few photos as I was laughing about it all.  My favorite - a few young tourists walked by, giggling at me, and I said it wasn't my idea, this lady just put the stuff on me.  The young man asked if the yoke was heavy - I said yeah, it's actually heavier than it looks.

Don't you love the way we amuse ourselves on the road?

We've moved to a new hotel, as we sometimes do - our new spot is a larger room, for 25% lower price - how can you say no?  Same neighborhood, equally friendly and helpful staff, and similar breakfast.  Well, minus the croissants and raisin scrolls.  But lots of fruit and toast, and they actually serve a breakfast burger.  No mango, which is good.

The weather has turned quite chilly - it gets down to the mid-50s some days (10 or so C) - and today became rather rainy.  An hour or so outside is about right.

Tomorrow we can skip the doctor, and try for a museum or some other indoor sightseeing.  Friday I hopefully get cleared by the doctor, and then we get a weekend to play.

I'll see if I can get a photo of one of the cherry blossom trees driving down the road - they're gorgeous!

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