Thursday, November 27, 2014

We Have A Kitten

28 November 2014

I went down to breakfast as usual.  The woman who is the head of the dining room came over to me and asked if I want to see the kitten!!!!  They were able to get him out of the pillar yesterday, and they have him in a box in the kitchen - he was mewing up a storm!  She took me over to meet him - he's teeny tiny, just a wee little kitty, maybe 3 weeks old or so.  Dining Room Lady told me she went out and got formula so they are feeding him.  (I'm not sure if this is kitten formula or baby formula, but it's probably better than plain cow milk.)  He's a grey color, looks like a tiny Russian Blue, just like our sweet Cleo (who I still miss).  And he has a tiny little curled tail - many of the cats we encounter in SE Asia, including in Indonesia, have these short and kinked tails, some strange genetic mutation that the cats inherit.

Anyway, his name is something like Chamel, pronounced CHAH-mell, and it means "cute" in Malaysian.  The ladies are all doting on him, everyone seems to love him already, and they all agreed that he's a pretty color.  (And even though he's just a teeny kitten, I think he's male.)  He's adorable, and I'll get photos tomorrow.

I just hate cliffhanging endings, and wanted to give everyone the update!

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