Monday, November 17, 2014

Koala Diplomacy

17 November 2014
Back in July 2013, I had a chance to visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and hold a koala, my little buddy Fitzroy.

Here's the original blog, if you'd like to see it:

Anyway, here's the salient part (how arrogant is it to quote oneself???) - I said the following:

"So, Fitzroy is one of the working koalas.  That's his job, to be cute and cuddly and photogenic.  To melt hearts and be an ambassador to the koala kingdom.  To spread koala world peace.

"Seriously, if someone could gather together all the world leaders who are fighting, bring them to Australia, and have each one hold a koala for a while, they'd absorb the zen of koala Nirvana and quit fighting.  There is something so sweet and calming and peaceful about the world of the koala, a vegetarian animal who wants nothing but leaves and sleep and a tree branch to hold.  How can life be bad when those are your only needs?  When you have a naturally cute face, and everyone expects you to be roly-poly round, with a heavy tush?  Other than natural enemies like dingoes and dogs, and humans taking away their habitat, they have a fairly simple and mellow life."

Well, apparently someone listened to me.  (I'm being facetious.)  

Seriously though, look at these photos.  The G-20 Summit leaders, all gathered in Brisbane, Australia, had a chance to hold koalas.  And look at the smiles on the faces of these world leaders - are they not delighted to hold the little koalas?  Do they not look thrilled and melting inside from all that cuddly cuteness?  How can anyone fight another country when they've held koalas together?  Not to mention the kissing koalas???

Seriously adorable.  

Plus the spouses went to Lone Pine and had their own koala holding spree, probably holding my little guy Fitzroy, who is a world class cuddler.

So apparently I've started a trend with my concept of koala diplomacy.  I just didn't give it that trendy title.  But I did have the idea, right?

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