Friday, November 28, 2014

Breakfast With The Kitty

29 November 2014

I'm revisiting my estimate, I think our kitten is maybe just a week or two old.  Tiny!

I went down for brekkie, had my tea and toast.  On the third cup of tea, I saw the lady from the front of the dining room, and asked about the kitten.  She said he's sleeping, she had him in a box under her desk up front.  She brought me over, and he was wide awake and meowing.  

Of course, I picked him up and cuddled him, because that's what one does with kittens, right?  He snuggled under my chin and started licking me.  So Dining Room Lady made up a new tiny bottle of kitty formula, and gave it to me.  I took the bottle and Tiny Kitty to my table and proceeded to feed him.  People came over to pet him, chat, little kids were fascinated, I ended up with a small crowd at times.  Tiny Kitty would suckle for a while, take a break, drink some more.  And eventually he fell asleep under my chin.

So I read for a while, fed him when he woke up, let him sleep some more.  I suspect he likes being held and kept warm, and feeling another heartbeat.  Just like people babies.

He woke up when I eventually put him back in his box, and Dining Room Lady said she's off work tomorrow so she's taking him home with her for the day.  She'll bring him back to the hotel on Monday.

That's the update on Tiny Kitty Chamell.  He's very sweet, very snuggly, and I wish I had a home to bring him to.  But I suspect he's going to have a very nice life at the hotel.  (The general manager came by when I was holding the kitten, and he said that the dining and kitchen staff like cats very much, so they're all taking good care of this little guy.)

Correction - the correct spelling of his name is Comel - I spelled it phonetically, but Comel is his name in Malaysian spelling.  (Which explains why everything with a "c" or "k" sound is spelled with a "k" not a "c" - apparently the c makes more of a "ch" sound.)

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