Saturday, June 28, 2014

Richard Speaks of Burgers

27 June 2014
Left Coast Artisan Burgers in Itaewon, Seoul

 "In all the various places we’ve gone, I always look for the best hamburger place in town.  And I’ve had some decent burgers.  But have longed for fresh meat, well-prepared, and presented in classic American style.  I discovered a column in Seoul magazine, written by “The Fat Girl” that recommended a new restaurant in Itaewon, that she found to be excellent.   It took about a week or ten days for us to get out there.

"The first thing I noticed was the smell of sizzling beef on the grill.  There were a number of people around, many of whom were speaking English.  I felt immediately at home.  The menu offered four kinds of hamburgers of a fairly standard variety, and several gourmet add-ons.  I chose my favourite burger which they called “classic,” which for me is a rare burger with raw tomato and raw onion.  I asked them to hold the cheese, pickle and lettuce, as well as the sauces, which for me interferes with the taste of the meat. I added a half order of fries.  Phebe opted for the grilled chicken with some excitement, as grilled chicken is not seen often on Korean menus.  (She added roasted jalapenos, one of those gourmet additions.)

"The burger came and I was pleased, it really looked good.  I took a bit and I was thrilled, the blend of meats was excellent, the preparation was very good.  It looked good, it felt good, it tasted good, it filled my heart with joy.  It was THE BEST hamburger I’ve tasted since we left the US.

"The restaurant is only seven months old or so, and is owned by several young friends from California.  They were very helpful and friendly, and have a wonderful little burger spot in Seoul.   Probably the best burger spot in Seoul.

"My moment of hamburger heaven.  Burger beatitude."

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