Sunday, March 30, 2014

Malaysian Kitties and Some Excitement

31 March 2014

Richard found "Skippy," the mural of a giant orange tiger stripe cat.  Wonderful painting on the side of some building, just a few blocks down from our hotel.  Skippy is about the size of a car, hanging out on the wall.  

And when you walk down the street and turn around, you realize exactly why Skippy is just hanging out on the wall, and what he is waiting for!  (The artists of George Town obviously have a quirky sense of humour!)

This seemed to be Kitty Central - there were some yarn kittens walking along a pipe, a small grey kitten thinking of renting a bike, and a grey and white cat enjoying an arch of Chinese cats in red.  Plus a few real-life cats who go running around, ignoring their family members who are now permanently part of the neighbourhood walls.

Other excitement - we went back to China House Café for a bite of brekkie (yes, they have things like yogurt and fruit, eggs on muffins, etc.) and got to talking with Jess, one of the staff people.  She pointed out that Chocolatissomo was in, and I said I mentioned it in our travel blog yesterday.  She asked for the blog site, so I handed her one of our blog cards.  And then - she said she's heard of us!!!!!  From a friend who is now off travelling - the friend found our blog, and then told this young woman about it!!!!  How exciting, we're getting famous!!!!  Well, okay, just a little famous, but I was thrilled that word about our blog is spreading. Especially that it is spreading beyond our handing out the occasional blog card.  WOW!

Last bit of excitement - we go in for our audition tomorrow late afternoon.  We have no idea what we'll need to do, if we'll be asked to read something or just chat with the casting person, or what.  But our photos were accepted, we've received the okay to come in, and we'll see what happens from there.

Wow - life is exciting in George Town, Penang, Malaysia!!



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