Sunday, February 9, 2014

Maury Beach, Bellingham, Washington

9 February 2014

Several tributes have been written about our father by various coastal geologists in the Pacific Northwest, as well as a lovely article in the faculty newspaper of Western Washington University, where he taught as well as served as Dean (of the grad school, and faculty research).

So I'm including the links here.

But my favourite is a drive to name a beach in Bellingham, WA, after our father.  Maury Beach.  Doesn't that have a nice ring to it?  "Let's go have a picnic at Maury Beach."  Really, our dad would have loved that.

So, please follow the links in this blog post by Dan McShane, and vote for Maury Beach.  Don't worry about his full name, or his professorship, or anything official.  Maury Beach was suggested, and that's what we're going with.

And if you get to Maury Beach, have a doughnut.  Or some pie.  Dad loved his baked goods, so they're essential at Maury Beach.

The blog post telling you about Maury Beach: 

The tribute to our dad from the same blogger: 

And another blogger:

The Western Washington University memorial: 

And the obituary our father wrote - he joked that this was his last publication: 

I also found out that he wrote a few articles on coastal geology/geomorphology for Encyclopedia Britannica.  Wow.  How do we not know these things about our parents until after they're gone?

So please, vote for Maury Beach.  It would be amazing.  

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