Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Arrived at Nacula

2 October 2013

Just a quick note - we had a lovely sightseeing trip on the catamaran, and arrived at Nacula right on time (about 1 PM).  Our luggage was loaded into a small tender, we clambered in (okay, Richard and I both kind of staggered in), and we were ferried over to the beach.  The resort staff met us on the beach, singing a traditional welcome song, and ending with a loud "Bula!" to which we replied "Bula!"

We had lunch and have settled into our bure (BOO-ray), a sweet little wood and thatched roof bungalow.  We have a porch with chairs and a view of the beach and ocean.  Actually, the beach is kind of our front yard - there are two hammocks between the palm trees, and then the beach.  Beautiful aqua water, frothy waves, rocks and coral out there, free kayaks, lots of snorkeling, daily activities, and all meals included.  Amazing!

Anyway, we're enjoying the ocean breezes and the susurrus of the waves, and will figure out things to do for the next week.  Maybe diving at the neighboring resort, some snorkeling, I can learn to make the local baskets and jewelry, we can even go spearfishing and have the fish for lunch or dinner.  (This is throw-the-spear fishing, not shoot-the-spear fishing.)

Power is on for only a few hours a day, so our internet use will be sporadic - right now we're on battery power.  But I'll post some photos later, when the power is on.

Didn't want anyone worrying about us!

And yes, this is a little Fijian paradise!

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