Friday, August 2, 2013


2 August 2013

No, nothing is wrong.  We spent a night in Mossman, at an okay campground.  Neighbor was in somewhat the wrong spot, so we were really squeezed in - but, well, not worth making an issue over this.  Anyway, we enjoyed the small town of Mossman.

Our big decision was whether to head north to Cape Tribulation, or south to Port Douglas.  We looked at the various day and half day trips, things to do, all that - and that pretty much decided things for us.  We headed south to Port Douglas.

We have a campsite without power for our first night here (nothing else available), and then we'll be in a powered site for the next three nights.  So we're sitting in the laundry room, plugged into the power points and using the ironing boards for tables.  I know, you can just picture this, right?  What can I say, we have to make it work sometimes.

So no photos, since I'm rushing through email and such.

We're planning a beach day tomorrow - gorgeous beach!!!!!!  Warm water!!!!!!!  Soft soft sand!!!!!  Just wonderful - no wonder this area is so crowded with tourists and campers!!!!

Port Douglas definitely seems a bit more upscale - both for tourists and for locals.  There are huge posh resorts all around the area our campground is located in, as well as trendy shops and spendy cafés in the downtown area.  And rather pricey tours.  The entire area is much more, well, I don't know what you'd call it.  Different than much of rural and small town Australia that we've seen.  Definitely upscale and posh.  To the point of looking almost hoity toity.  But, Australians being very friendly and down to earth, the people on the street don't seem any different from the pubs and pokie rooms and small campgrounds elsewhere.  I'm not sure who stays in these la-di-da resorts - it isn't anyone we meet - but they do look nice.  Not our style of travel, but they do look nice.

We're thrifty shoppers, so we've identified some trips - we're signed up for a half day sail and snorkel trip on Sunday, after the weekly Sunday market.  We'll be going to the inner reef (as opposed to the outer reef - but actually, it's kind of middle reef) on a beautiful sailboat, with leisurely snorkeling and hopefully some exotic Pacific fish.  And turtles.  And such.

That's the update.  Still having fun, still loving Australia, and so happy to have reached the warm weather!

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