Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Port Douglas and Captain Cook Highway

6 August 2013

We had a wonderful four days in Port Douglas - after our wonderful sail and snorkel, we spent Monday relaxing on the beach.  Four Mile Beach definitely goes on for a long long distance, and has powder soft sand and brilliant turquoise water.  With views of the Low Isles off in the distance, and the various headlands on the route south.  

And plenty of tourists swimming in the water, despite warnings about stingers (jellyfish) and crocodiles.  (We didn't see any of either one - jellyfish are more prevalent in summer, and there aren't frequent croc sightings in this area.)  But most of the tourists, like us, were taking photos of the warnings and then enjoying the beach.

We left Port Douglas this morning - both of us a little sad that our six weeks in the camper van, known as Britzy, are coming to an end.  I know, it would seem that six weeks in that small a space would be difficult - but actually, it was very snug and cosy, and we didn't mind having to put together the bed each evening and take it apart each morning.  Sometimes space was tight, but it was amazingly easy and comfortable.  And very convenient - just drive where we're going, move a few chairs and the table, plug into the electricity, and voila, everything we need is right there.

Anyway, we left Port Douglas and ended up in a camper convoy!  Really, it seemed as if we were part of a caravan of camping tourists who were heading south.

We drove along the legendary Captain Cook Highway, a twisting turning curving winding ribbon of a road, edging along beaches and overlooks and bluffs with a postcard view at each turn.  Absolutely magical kind of road with the unexpected views to one side, and some of the oldest tropical rainforest off to the other side, with green lush verdant primeval jungle.  Gorgeous, beautiful, all those superlatives.   Really a beautiful spot, and the only way to travel north of Cairns - although we hear that the tablelands to the west are amazing as well.  But we're beach people, and so we opted for the beach route.

All too soon, we were in Cairns - time to find our hotel and check in, unload our stuff, and return Britzy.

We're now rolling luggagers without wheels.  We have a week to explore Cairns, and then we head off to the Pacific Islands.

It'll be sad to leave Australia, we've had a wonderful six months.  Which has absolutely sped by!

But there's a whole big world out there, so we're movin' on.


  1. do you remember that when Norma visited us in Wisconsin she saw those signs along the roads, the ones that look like a paddler in a canoe? and thought they were warnings to look out for Indians? Turns out they are signs for vehicles to watch for snow mobiles! Well, she had never been to the wild west before, and didn't know what to expect.

  2. I remember that - she and I were driving around giggling at those signs, they really looked like Native Americans in canoes on the rivers!!!

  3. Hey you guys I have been thinking about you and wondering where you are since i last checked in 2012 (for shame). I had to read down aways until I recognized Cairns- it sounds like you are have an amazing journey from one beach to another!! i am jealous. Now that you are bound for the Pacific, I hope Richard that you will consider visiting vibrant Guam and looking up young Daniel. We Antiochians must stay together. Its been brutally hot in NYC this summer until August rolled around and suddenly fall is in the air, its strange how the seasons have shifted. Unlike you, I have not taken one real vacation, except a working trip to Riyadh, which will not be on your travel itinerary. So tell me, how many bagels can I send you? You are a long way from the deuce.

    Love ya,