Wednesday, July 31, 2013


31 July 2013

We both enjoyed our day of no travel yesterday - but headed out again this morning, going north.  We got as far as Innisfail, a small town with a Scottish name but a lot of Italian delis and restaurants.  A cute little town, which was wiped out by a cyclone in the 1920s, and then rebuilt - so most of the buildings in the central business district are lovely Art Deco style.  And a town with a river running through it, and various crocodile defenses.  Our campground has a steep, obviously man-made bank along the length of the riverfront area, hopefully too steep for crocs to climb up.

Anyway, we decided to stop here, figure out which direction we want to head for a week, go from there.

So we had a relaxing day, explored the town, ate some good food, walked a bit, and we'll decide where we're going tomorrow.

And we're having trouble with our internet service, since we're in the FAR NORTH, as people say in somewhat hushed and awed tones - the FAR NORTH, a strange and mysterious and possibly dangerous and uncharted area.  With little internet service, apparently.

So - more when we can, and hopefully some photos.

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