Sunday, July 21, 2013

Great Barrier Reef!!! Coral Sea!!! Whitsundays!!!!!

21 July 2013

So excited - the weather is warm and we can wear our St. Thomas clothes!  Warm!  Sunny!  Even the water is sunny!!!

We drove up to Airlie Beach, which is on a peninsula right by the group of islands called the Whitsundays.  This is where Aussies go to explore the Great Barrier Reef, so we figured we'd spend a few days here.

We've settled in to a campground, looked around town and gathered information on day sails/snorkel trips and dive trips.  Not sure what we'll do, and which day, but the plan is to laze around on the beach tomorrow (and get great photos), and then do some trip on Tuesday.  Maybe take a ferry cruise tomorrow.  We'll see what we decide when we get up.

As I said, SO excited!  THIS is the part of Australia we've both been looking forward to - white sand beaches and aqua water.  Gorgeous, warm, fabulous!  YAY for tropical Australia!!!!


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