Sunday, July 14, 2013

Colourful Brisbane

14 July 2013
It was a rainy Sunday, so we did a few things around our campground.  By afternoon, it had cleared a bit, and our friend Gordon (friend of VI friends) picked us up for sightseeing.

We went up Mount Coot-tha, for a wonderful view of the Brisbane CBD and suburbs, with the river winding its slow way to the Tasman Sea, and a quiet grey sunset.  Walked around a bit, tried to figure out what we were looking at, including the mountains off to the west, the Great Dividing Range, which basically is the continental divide here, despite the fact that the range is so close to the east coast.

Then we headed into town to the South Bank of the Brisbane River, beautifully reflecting the city lights.  This is the longest river in Queensland, and runs right through the city.  Plus there are city ferries that go up and down the river, part of the urban transit system.  We never managed to ride one of these ferries, but the concept is great.

The area along the South Bank was the site of the 1988 World's Fair/Expo, and much of the area is still full of structures built for that event.  Interesting trellises that form arches over walkways, tall lit up towers - even a few public swimming pools with man-made sand beaches!

But my favorite were the scattered mosaics on the walkway, just random little vignettes of life on this part of Brisbane, little bursts of color and artistry on the dull grey bikepath and footpath.  

We didn't see much of Brissie, or Brizzy, or however one spells it - but it seems like a fun city.  The streets are confusing, the music is great, and there are hidden bits of art and color tucked away throughout the city. 

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