Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Night Zoo

15 May 2013

I don't know how long I have on the internet, we're heading back to Australia tonight so we're running down our Singapore internet accounts.

So - we went to the Night Zoo or Night Safari last night.  It was AMAZING!  The nocturnal animals were wide awake and eating, playing, hunting, grazing, and watching us watching them!  Animals that are fairly safe around people, like deer, tapirs, water buffalo were wandering loose and free.  Others like tigers, lions, clouded leopard, elephants, etc. were in their cage-free enclosures, but most were very visible.  We watched fishing cats jumping in the water trying to catch fish (and missing) - and they look just like large striped domestic cats, just so cute and cuddly!  We saw both Indian and African lions, and two kinds of Asian rhinos from India - who knew India had lions and rhinos????  A huge Malaysian tiger, Nile hippos, and bats flying back and forth overhead.  Flamingo flocks.  Giraffes hanging out with their buddies the zebras and antelope.  Hyenas skulking around by themselves, because no one likes hyenas.  It was incredible!  We took the tram once around the park, then walked a little (which isn't as easy as it sounds, this is hot and humid and the paths are slippery and there's minimal lighting) - and so we took the tram again. Imagine riding through a herd of deer or tapirs or water buffalo who just walk past the tram and don't notice there are people there!!!!!

It's a wonderful evening - if you're ever in Singapore, buy the two park pass so you can go to both the day and night zoos! 

And sorry, no photos - way too dark, and the flash hurts the animals' eyes.  

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