Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Adventures in Singapore

2 May 2013

I'm sitting in an upstairs room at an internet cafe, blogging.  The room is full of young Singaporean (Singapori?) men, mostly watching videos or playing games on the computers.  (It's less expensive up here, so I figured why not?  Not that it's any different downstairs.........they just charge a little more.)

We've tried to get a sim card for my wifi device - have jumped through hoops and gone all over the city - and today spent over an hour with a nice man at the SingTel store, as he figured out how to change the inner info in my account with Vodafone so that I could use SingTel instead.

All to find out I can't buy the sim card without a passport.  

I carry a photo copy of my passport, ever since my passport was stolen years ago.  Richard's passport was stolen.  We don't walk around with them.

Who knew you had to have one to buy a sim card?  (We also weren't allowed into the casino since we didn't have our passports - I told the bouncer guy they really couldn't expect a 58 yr old retired teacher and 60-something yr old retired attorney to be illegal aliens or anything - I mean, seriously!)

Anyway, so since I have sort of a "well *$%@ you!" attitude about these things, I'll skip SingTel and the casino and just use an internet cafe for $1/hour.  No problem.

All that to explain why I don't have any photos today.

We've learned to get around town on the buses and the train (which goes from subway to el) - so we're getting around.

And we're having adventures in eating.  There was the banana prata for breakfast (which sounds like a yoga posture, doesn't it?) - tasty and nutritious.  Today I had a yakinuki (or something) rice burger - at Mos Burger, a Japanese burger chain - the yakinuki (or whatever) is sort of teryaki beef and onions, in a "bun" made of compressed rice, with some lettuce in there.  Delicious, but I asked for chopsticks (ended up with a spoon) because I wasn't sure it would hold up in my hands.  Dinner - $3 for a plate of roast duck, in hoisin sauce, over rice.  With some cucumber on the side.  Amazing, huh?

We're still having fun.  No major adventures yet, but I'm sure we'll get into some as we explore further.

Okay, time to go - love to you all!

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