Monday, February 25, 2013

Okay, THIS is Hilarious! Hysterically Funny!

I, Phebe, am our blog admin.  No problem.  Just means I opened the blog, and I write the blog.  And post photos that usually are photos I've taken.  (Because my husband has a different writing style, and hasn't quite gotten around to expressing his viewpoint, despite encouragement from me and his adoring audience.)

Anyway, I get to see our statistics.  As of today, we have nearly 6100 hits - in 5 months of travel.  How cool is that?  BIG shout out to family and friends who are following our travels via the blog.  YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

We also have people all over the world viewing the blog - I don't know if these are one-time hits, or mistake hits, or random people who found the blog and are following us.  But I don't think we know anyone in Germany, or Malaysia, or Belarus, or Korea, or any number of countries - but we seem to have numerous hits all over the world.  Also cool!!

Another anyway - in amongst our statistics I can view how people found our blog.  As in what search engine or link they used to find us, as well as what search phrase they used.

Wait for it.......

You won't believe..........

Here it comes..........

People found us through: and  Seriously.  I kid you not.

So - have I posted ANYTHING pornographic??????  I was even circumspect when blogging about my possible breast cancer issue and subsequent surgery.  There hasn't been a word of nudity, not a naked photo, nada, zip, zilch, rien, shum devar, NOTHING!!!!

I'm here laughing and trying to figure out how two porn sites or searches for porn somehow found our blog.  And three people found us this way.

So to the porn searchers out there, welcome to the blog!!  No T&A here, you really don't want nude shots of the two of us, we're just tiki touring the world with our clothes on.

But welcome anyway!  And thanks for the laugh!

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