Friday, November 16, 2012

Omapere and Opononi

We're at the southern side of the Hokianga Harbour, currently at a hotel using the wifi and avoiding the rain.  BUT - we seem to be in the midst of a wedding!!!!  The ceremony was in the room to our right, the cocktail reception is now in the bar to our left, and we're just sitting here in our jeans, laptops on, rather bemused!!!

So - why are we still in Omapere and Opononi?  Well, it took us about an hour to call the caravan rental place and get the information we needed to get the toilet sorted out - we were having various problems, not the least of which was a lingering odor permeating the caravan - not pleasant!  Turns out we didn't get the full info at the beginning, but now we know how to work things, we have everything cleaned out and lined up, and we know what to do and how to keep things in working order.  (Trust me, you seriously do not want all the details.)

After that, using the phone at a hotel for the call, we headed out for some brunch and wifi - and ended up back at the same hotel, because the wifi was the least expensive.  Except that the secure payment online wasn't working.  So we have a FREE one day pass, and we're busily reading mail, clearing out spam, and blogging!  Plus, the wind is raging, the skies have opened, and the rain has been constant.  We're warm and dry, and I'm kind of enjoying the outskirts of this wedding.

We'll head out for dinner in a bit, then head back to the scenic overlook for the night, with a tank full of petrol, enough water for several days, and a clean (and sweet-smelling) bathroom.

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