Monday, November 12, 2012

Life Unplanned

We're picking up our camper in a few hours, and then will head north.  We aren't sure exactly where we're heading, other than the Northland.  Vague plan includes the Bay of Islands, Hotwater Beach, and maybe a winery or two.

We have a month to explore the north island in a leisurely fashion, wandering from place to place, living in our camper.  Gas stations have water to fill up with, as well as petrol.  We'll check into camp sites periodically for power, hot showers, and dump stations.

And of course the supermarket and occasional restaurant or cafe for nutrition on the way.

We've heard that all McDonald's here have free wifi, and that we can just sit in the parking lot and do our internetting.  Plus we have a special flash Vodafone thing that hooks us up to the internet, for emergencies - if we're lost, or need to call for assistance (like a flat), or whatever.

So we're set!  Transportation and a place to sleep each night.  I'll take photos of the camper, as well as our trek around the Northland, and will post whenever we can.

Don't worry if you don't hear from us for a bit, it just means we're out having fun!

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