Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It’s a Long Way to Kerikeri

 Nov. 22, 2012

Thanksgiving in the USA - Just another rainy day here.

We decided to spend the day in Kerikeri – the weather is still dismal, although everyone assures us that this cold rain is unusual for this time of year, it should be warm, etc. etc.  It’s the kind of weather that is miserable to drive in, and even worse when you don’t know the road or where to turn.

We used the day to get our laundry done, drive around the area to charge the battery a bit, and just see the town of Kerikeri.  We drove down to Kerikeri Inlet, and saw the old mission house (from 1800-something) – beautiful old square stone house, very simple, very old.

But the highlight of the day: we found the library has free internet (this isn’t the highlight yet, but their huge checkout desk as well as the floor had abalone inlay, and was just lovely) and a tourist info center – and there (ta da!) was a brochure for the Makana Chocolate Factory!!!!!  Yup, we drove a bit out of town to the chocolate factory!!!  Oh wow, the perfume in the air was fabulous!!  We were given samples of their citrus fruit slice, and the macadamia nut toffee crunch; then we watched as the “factory” staff (all six of them) made more toffee crunch, or hand-dipped dark chocolate truffles and set them aside to dry, or trimmed the covered chocolates, or decorated truffles with a drizzle of contrasting color chocolate.  It was fascinating, and we were both entranced by the various machines that either permanently dispensed chocolate, or continuously churned molten chocolate for covering the various items (one in dark chocolate, one in milk chocolate).

It was difficult to tear ourselves away, and to walk out with only three truffles – one for each of us, and one for the sweet woman at the laundromat who was doing a rush job on our laundry.   (She just beamed when I gave her the truffle!)

Our evening event:  Richard walked by the one movie theatre in town and asked what movies were showing tonight.  Turned out it was the Kerikeri premiere of the new James Bond movie, "Skyfall."  And that it had been sold out, but the manager just received a cancellation - so voila, we had two seats at the premiere!!!  Going to a movie in another country is always an interesting experience - and this was no different.  People wandered in from the Cinema Café with bottles of wine and glass goblets.  Or ice cream cones.  No plebeian popcorn for this crowd, no no no, just red or white wine.  (I was seriously waiting for someone to show up in a tux carrying a martini glass.)  Anyway, it was a James Bond movie, not much to say other than that.

All in all, a good day!

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