Sunday, November 4, 2012

"D'oh!" Moments

Okay, if you aren't a "Simpsons" 
fan, you don't know "D'oh!" - this is the moment of realization when you smack yourself in the head and make one of those sounds that indicates "I'm a dummy why didn't I get it boy that was obvious."  That sound.  My down-the-hall-in-the-dorms-buddy Matt Groening gave it the sound "D'oh!"  Imagine your own sound.  That's the one.

Remember the blog that included silhouettes marching around the outside of a building?  Big, larger than life silhouettes?

(Recognize the figures yet?)

I'll give you a clue.  We're in New Zealand.

(Do you have it yet?)

Second clue - this is from a movie that is being re-released, in 3-D format or extended version or something like that.

(Are you getting warmer?)

Third clue - it was filmed here in NZ.

(Have you smacked yourself on the forehead and said "D'oh!" yet?)

I did!  We walked by a bank and post office that had the same figures, smaller than life size, marching across the windows.  And suddenly, DUH, why didn't I see this before???

We have a group of heroes and hobbits, our buddies Bilbo Baggins and maybe Frodo and I don't remember who else, following Gandalf, across Middle Earth and on to find the Ring and get it away from Gollum and save the world.

Yup, Wellington is suffering from Hobbit Fever, with banners and flags and stamps and these silhouettes, getting everyone ready for the new and improved version of the movie.  So we have hobbits and all marching around or looking down from lampposts.  I don't know how I didn't see that immediately! 

Not that seeing Wellington on a beautiful day is a "D'oh!" moment - not at all.  It was just a beautiful day that got prettier and prettier as the sun came out and the clouds retreated.

But I suspect some city planner immediately regretted having his young daughter name a street.

 "What are you doing, Daddy?"  "I'm naming streets, sweetheart."  "Oh Daddy, pleasepleaseplease let me name a street!!!"  "Oh baby, you're too young, this is serious work!"  "Oh please, Daddy, let me name just one street!!!"  "Okay, you can name one street, we'll put it here, on this side of town, it will run from Waterloo Quay, you see?  What would you like to name your street, dear?"  "Oh Daddy, BUNNY Street - my favorite toy!  Please Daddy, can't we have BUNNY street???"

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  1. Hi, Phebe and Richard
    Lost the blog for a few weeks but thanks to Helene am now back on track!
    Absolutely lOVE your postings, Phebe. Cannot tell you how poetically beautiful your descriptions are. I feel I'm with you every step of the way. Please keep enjoying this wonderful phase of your lives and keep the marvelous comments and pictures coming.
    All the very best
    Mary G (Scampi & Xena, too!)