Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jazz Cruise on the Big Muddy

Today we took a trip on a steam-powered paddle boat, up and down a section of the river.

This isn't our boat, but it looked much like this.

Starboard side, looking toward the stern.

Starboard side, look toward the bow.

Inside the dining room, with the old stamped tin ceiling.

The jazz band performed in here, a great trio playing old Dixieland favorites.

Speakers?  Air vents?  Something, cut into the pattern of the ceiling.

Another traditional paddleboat.

Close up view of the paddle wheel - it was like a wooden ferris wheel powering the boat!

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  1. Hi, Phebe and Richard
    FINALLY figured out how to access your blog!!!! and am enjoying it.
    how do I get it on my desktop so its more readily available? Any hints?