Wednesday, July 8, 2015

All Eyes on the Skies

8 July 2015

This is today's satellite image of Tropical Storm Linfa, which is to the south of Taiwan, and Typhoon Chan-hom, off to the east.  

There are two likely scenarios:  one, the two storms could create so much wind that they push away from each other, and thus avoid Taiwan.  Or, two, they could merge and create a super storm and really slam poor little Taiwan.

However, most Taiwanese people have told us that the steep terrain of Taiwan tends to break up typhoons as soon as they hit.  That Taipei is far enough inland that it doesn't get severe damage.  And that we shouldn't get too much impact, and Taipei is safe.

I explained to the nice young man I met at the museum today that we used to live in the Caribbean, where tropical storms and hurricanes, like typhoons, can really devastate an area.  We've been through a few major storms, with significant damage and destruction.

All we can do is wait and see.  We're in our comfy hotel, we have water, we'll buy some food for the fridge tomorrow.  Rain is a definite, though we don't know how much - but it looks like 24-48 hrs of 100% chance of rain.  How much wind is more difficult to predict.  It might be like the typhoons we experienced last fall in Japan, which were pretty minor.  It might be like the record-breaking flooding rain of our wedding weekend twelve years ago.  No way to know ahead of time.

And wait and see.

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