Thursday, November 14, 2013

We've Been Waylaid in Brisbane

14 November 2013

Our flight left Honiara about an hour late due to a variety of problems - something with a computer, plus luggage wasn't loaded.

Then there was a storm cell over Brisbane, where we were scheduled to change flights for Bali.  But the airport was closed due to the severe storm, so our flight circled.  And circled.  And circled some more.

We finally landed, a good two hours late.  Agents met us right outside the plane, and said yes, our flight to Bali had left.

So Peter the Agent took us, with a few other stranded passengers, through the airport as he explained that we'd be put up at a hotel, given credit for food, taxis, etc., and would be put on flights for tomorrow morning.

Fine, no problem, and while it took a while, we did manage to finally get to our hotel.  Which actually is fairly nice, and comfortable, with free wifi and a kingsize bed.  

(Plus Richard found "Grey's Anatomy" on the TV for me, so I was thrilled!)

However, the restaurant was closed by the time we arrived, so dinner was room service dessert.  We probably spent more of the hotel credit on the phone call to rearrange the hotel and pickup in Bali, than we did on our dinner.  And it's raining, with thunder and lightening, and very dramatic outside.  

But, well, what can you do, right?

Besides, anyone who was at our wedding, or who knows us, will understand exactly why we encountered so much rain that our trip was affected.  Hint - check the date.

Yup, that's right, tomorrow is our 10th anniversary.  We were married during a weekend of record-breaking rains and flooding.  It took two hurricanes for us to get together.  So a little rain, a one-day delay?  Pshaw, that's nuthin'! 

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you two!!! I lost my date book between East Germany and Lichtenstein. I love you both TONS! xoxoxoxoxoxox