Monday, September 2, 2013

Everything That Could Go Wrong WILL Go Wrong

3 September 2013

The boat we had planned to take to and then back from Pago Pago (pronounced PAHNG-oh PAHNG-oh, NOT the American version which is usually PAY-go Pay-go) - anyway, the boat is going in for maintenance and will not be returning to Apia next week.

So we looked into flying.

We thought we had a good flight booked with Samoan Air, and we even had a response from them.  They're the world's first airline to charge by weight, not usage - so you and your bag are weighed, and you pay X per kilo.  Which seems insane, because I might weigh more than someone else, but I'm not taking up a larger seat than someone else.


We went over to their office today to finalize details, only to find that they aren't flying for the next two weeks.  They're doing a charter to Tonga and then training the airline crew over there, so they have cancelled all flights for the next two weeks.

Back to square one.  We started to wonder if these were signs from somewhere that we shouldn't go to Pago.  Or if it was just one of those things. 

We both really were looking forward to Pago.  So I did some more online research and we agreed - Polynesian Airlines, the airline of Samoa.  A bit pricier, but we can take more luggage.  And we're charged for a seat, not our weight.  And, better still, they actually are flying.

We leave Thursday, Samoa time, for American Samoa, arriving on Wednesday.  We'll return the following Thursday, American Samoa time, arriving in Samoa on Friday.

Got all that?

It has been confusing, trying to book the flight and a hotel, when we're travelling all of 35 minutes away, but crossing the International Dateline.

Best part, though?  We can mail things via the USPS!  That has me excited!  

And we'll see green money again!


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