Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our Home in Samoa

22 August 2013

Someone wanted to know more about our B&B in Samoa.  We're staying at Aniva's Place, which is wonderful!  

We picked this place because it's just a short walk into the city of Apia, but not in the middle of all the noise and traffic.  It had great reviews, and the photos looked good.  Plus the price was in our budget.

We lucked out - this place is more than perfect, whatever that concept might be.  Aniva is a sweetheart, with connections for tours, knowledge of the nearby (or not nearby) restaurants, and suggestions of things to do around the island.  She also checks out the taxi drivers to make sure we aren't overcharged.

The staff here, Sia and Lani, are a lovely young couple and also very helpful.  And they have two adorable little girls, Solo and Lika (sorry if I'm spelling everyone's names wrong) who liven up the place with their little giggles.

There's a pool out back, a lovely garden in the front, decks for reading in the shade.  Queen-sized beds covered in Samoan fabrics, with color-coordinated sheets, and towels folded to look like frangipani blossoms.  (The pink and red hibiscus have been my favorite thus far - we've had blue on blue, and yellow-orange on green with yellow sheets and towels.  Those little things make a difference - just makes the room cheerier and cleaner looking, you know?  Rather than the mismatched potluck sheets and towels you sometimes get at budget accommodations.)

 And breakfast every day - fresh papaya, maybe banana pancakes or fried doughnuts from the market, toast, boiled eggs, tea, coffee.  Wonderful breakfasts!  And of course, time to chat with the other guests at the B&B, hear about their adventures in the South Pacific, or where they're from, and what they're doing here in Samoa.

EVERYONE on the island knows where Aniva's Place is located - we're just over from the new hospital.  A short walk from some nice restaurants for dinner.  A longer walk to town for banking, museums, business, the wharf for the ferry to Pago Pago.  Two taxi stands just a few steps in either direction.

We're so relaxed and comfortable here, some days it's difficult to get out and do much of anything!  

Seriously, this is definitely a home away from home!

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