Sunday, June 30, 2013

Are There DINGOES at Seal Rocks?

30 June 2013

We left Koala Shores (on the Tilligerry Peninsula) in the morning, in more rain.  I didn't get to look for more koalas.  In fact, it was so cold and wet, I skipped my morning shower (one gets to do that when camping).  But seriously, it was cold, it was wet, and we're anxious to move on to somewhere warmer.

Justin, our host in Redfern/Alexandria (outside Sydney) said that Seal Rocks is a beautiful area, so we headed back to the Pacific Highway and northward.  We're probably now about 50-75 km further north along the coast - we aren't progressing very quickly, but we're enjoying the ride!

After a few stops along the way, and a long and winding and in one part very full of pot holes road, we arrived at the ocean - and suddenly the drive in the rain and the cold all became worthwhile, to catch the sight of turquoise waves rushing up to sandy beige shores, crashing on the rocky headlands to one side of the beach.  Just one of those sudden views of beauty that make your breath catch, your heart skips a beat, and you think that nothing could be as beautiful as this place.  (And I'll get a few photos tomorrow, when it isn't dark and rainy.)

We checked into the Seal Rocks Holiday Park,, which has very few campers (because most sane travellers are staying in the cabins) and found a campsite, settled in, plugged in, did our usual re-arranging (outdoor table and chairs, and one large piece of luggage get transferred to the cab of the van each night, so we have room to move and later set up the bed).  Popped the pop top up, so we can stand up inside the van.  (Yes, you can see the rain in the photos.  That's how hard it was raining.)

And then I headed over to the "amenities" as they are so politely called in this part of the world.  The washrooms.  Bathrooms.  Toilets and showers.  All that.

What caught my eye was the sign about being dingo aware.  Uh, dingoes?  Running through the camp sites?  Keep an eye on your children at all times?  A fine if you leave food out?  Wow!  Somehow I thought dingoes were all in the Outback, not hanging around the beaches!

I think we'll keep those middle-of-the-night runs to the amenities to a minimum!  Bad enough to throw a rain jacket over sleeping clothes to run out in the rain at 3 AM - I'm not ready to encounter a dingo while heading out there!

Koalas!  Why couldn't there be signs about being koala aware?  I'd much rather run into a marauding koala at 3 AM, on my way to the restroom.

(And no, I'm not seriously worried or freaked out about dingoes, I actually found it kind of funny.  Except for the part about "make eye contact and back away."  Uh, and what should I expect the dingo to do while I back away?  Inquiring minds want to know.)

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