Thursday, February 21, 2013

No Lord Voldemort

Feb. 22, 2013
We got up early - well, Richard almost always gets up early, I tend to sleep as long as I can.  But up early, showered, and downstairs by 8:45 AM.  We had our guesthouse lady call for a cab.  And waited.  And waited.

Apparently the cab picked up someone else.  Since we were running late by now for the 9:30 AM appointment with Miss Doctor, I called - and Miss Doctor got on the line and said that everything was fine, found nothing sinister, just gunked up ducts, and that we could reschedule for next week when she'll check for infection and take off the waterproof dressing.  And that I could just skip today's appointment.

So YAAAAY!!!!  No malignant anythings, nothing to worry about, just the normal body parts getting old or used up (or in my case, having skipped the kid thing, not used at all).  
I'll continue to rest another day or so - there's still some pain and discomfort (and this seriously makes me wonder about women who get boob jobs, this is a very sensitive part of the body, it isn't like getting a knee worked on or something!!!) - and then we'll enjoy Melbourne.  And make plans to head out some time in March to explore other parts of Australia.

Just wanted to share the good news with everyone, as well as share how beautiful the Valentine's Day lilies have become, now that they've opened up - wish I could share the lovely fragrance that fills our drab little room, it really is amazing!  (I know, they look kind of Easter-y, but the pink ones were gone on the day after Valentine's, and this is all that was left.  They're gorgeous, but yes, a little Easter-y.)

YAY and happy day!


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